In the era of technology where people consider online media more to communicate, Facebook is a name that is on everybody’s mouth. Facebook is a social media network which is founded in 2004, with every passing year it is gaining popularity among every age group. Now the question comes if it is so good then why there is a need for alternative to Facebook. In the current market scenario, one could easily see several other social media platforms engaging audiences.

Over the past few years, people are noticing that Facebook is collecting a huge amount of information about its users. You can see precisely what Facebook has on you by downloading your information compress record here. From images and messages to the contact numbers in your phone, it has every bit of details.

It’s insane the amount they have. Considering the security concern people are outrageous to have some better solution on the name of social media which doesn’t share with any other associations and organizations. In all honesty, there are a lot of other messaging and social media platforms one can use in their daily life.

It’s time now to explore some better platform to be in touch with your family and friends without being in a fear that your data is going to be leaked. There are some platforms which are being there for so long but couldn’t get that platform, so let’s try out what other mediums are there as a Facebook alternative.

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Using a different media was never a major concern but rolling to a different platform other than Facebook is a little tough. People are worried about the new connections that they have to create as they have to somehow convince their friends about new platforms to join. No one wants to invest their energies to start from the new. The next question that pops up is whether you and your friends will join the same platform.

There are some tools that one can choose to post simultaneously to save their time and to have a better experience of Facebook Alternatives. Now let’s have a quick tour of the alternative to Facebook we want to talk about.

Complete List of Alternative to Facebook

Vero: To have real-life experience, to have better control over the sharing data, Vero is one of those social media networks. As it is a subscription-based social network, there will be no ads which is one of the reasons it is different from Facebook, neither it collects your data. There is default off the option to collect information like how frequent you use the app.

alternative to Facebook

Vero is a potential competitor for facebook as it gives some control to the user about the data, not like facebook, which earns money by the information. Still, there is a lot to work upon to make the security robust.

The current version user is around 3,000,000 which is a huge number. Its mobile platform is what very attractive, offering some unique photo management features which can be one of the reasons for one of the potential facebook alternative.

Diaspora: It’s an open-source platform that can be used by any individual who is willing to set up a server, that gives control where the data needs to be stored and can have its record. Diaspora offers cross-posting to different social platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

alternative to Facebook

The only drawback is that its development process of the app is very slow which can cause loss of mobile users. It won’t be easy to switch so easily but all you have to do is to try test every feature and go for what you find more convenient.

alternative to Facebook

MeWe: It is one of the potential Facebook alternatives but hasn’t got that fame that it deserves. Its interface is very straightforward and easy to use with features similar to facebook. Although it promotes adds but generates very little revenue from it. This interface provides you with features to connect with another social network.

alternative to Facebook

Sociall: This social network platform is based on Ethereum blockchain which values privacy, making sure that your data is safe by not selling it to other party groups. Web crawlers can not the information as every data in this platform is decentralized.

Features of sociall are much similar to facebook like the public wall, creating groups and organizing events and posting, offering user to user to messaging feature.

alternative to Facebook

Minds: Mind is a source network platform which is a blend of Facebook features and a bit like Reddit and medium. Although it provides facebook similar features like timelines, sharing media, end to end messaging and posting, other than these it emphasizes blogging.

Attracting some good number of users from techno artists to all blogger lovers as it’s based on open-source code and a zero censorship making someone easily familiar who has already on facebook and twitter.

alternative to Facebook

Vkontakte: A Russian based social platform, available in many different languages to attract huge users. Vkontakte offers detailed information about the user from basic info, contact info, interests, education, work, military service, and personal views.

It helps to filter the user and see the insight based upon demographic data. This platform is used for marketing the product or brand. It’s one of the most popular media for connecting socially.

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No doubt facebook holds a huge number of users, but there are more coming in line to answer what is the alternative to Facebook. It can vary from country to country as per the data security is a concern. But hopefully, now you all are aware what is the other platform you can rely upon to experience the same smooth features of facebook without being afraid where your money is lost in ads or where your data is being sold.

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