This Short Guide will teach you about how to format a flash drive as Storage devices like SSDs and HDD are commonly used in day to day life, connecting with PC/Mac to store information documents. Meanwhile, there are numerous kinds of winning gadgets with progressively adaptable highlights for various purposes. In general, it is being noticed that, regardless of what drive you’re utilizing, it must have a substantial document framework with the goal that Windows can remember it and put it to utilize.

Over time, after long use of this external storage, inescapable issues are very natural to face. By formatting it you can undoubtedly fix any USB flash pen drive or memory stick that is being adulterated or harmed by any unrecognized means of PC and mobile.

So you know now what is the solution but the question comes do you know how to format Pendrive? We will help you to understand the different ways of formatting any pen drive. All you need to carefully see every point step by step to have better clarity. In this article, we will read about the 3 different means to format Pen drive

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  • Using Command Prompt
  • Using Windows Explorer
  • Using Windows PowerShell

How to format a Flash Drive using CMD

Step 1: Firstly you need to connect the corrupted storage device(SD card or pen drive) to your computer.

Step 2: Right-click after hovering your mouse on the Start menu.

Step 3: Now click on Command Prompt which fills followed by a CMD window on your screen.

Step 4: Then type “disk part” and hit Enter.

Step 5: Now type “list disk”, followed by entering. Now you will notice a list displayed constituting names of every storage device attached to your computer.

Step 6: Now write select disk 1 or 2 or 3

Example: select disk 1, it is very important to write the number carefully else you might be formatting a wrong storage device. To avoid any mistakes you can check again by typing type kist disk to know that you have chosen the correct storage number. An asterisk symbol will be there in front of the chosen disk

format a flash drive or pen driveStep 7: Now type clean and press enter. Then type “creates partition primary” and  Enter.

Write active Type “select partition 1”.

Write “format fs=fat32” and hit Enter.

The whole process of formatting will be completed in a few mins. If you have filed more than 4 gigabytes you can have to write  NTFS instead of fat32.

Note: CMD window should not be closed until the process is finished.

How to format a Flash Drive using File Explorer

Follow the below steps to format a Pen drive by file explorer

format a flash drive

Step 1: Click on the leftmost screen on PC, on the left side you will find file explorer.

Now click on Devices and drivers option and hit the right button on a flash drive to select the format option.

Select the NTFS option by the drop-down option of the file system.

Note: For files up to 4GB, FAT32 is best to opt for. No matter what you are using  Linux machine, MacOs or windows10 the most compatible option is exFAT.

Use default selection under a drop-down menu of allocation unit size.

To identify quickly the flash drive, type a label in the Volume label field in file explorer.

And select a quick format option under the format option.


By choosing the quick format, the data is still recoverable on the drive as it only removes the root folder and data of the file system table. And in the full format method, it will look after all bad sectors and delete the data from it. It’s a lengthy procedure as it totally depends upon the storage capacity.

And in the end, all you have to do is to click on the Start button and then on Yes option.

The formatting procedure will be done by these steps.

How to format a Flash Drive using Windows Powershell

Windows Powershell is one of the techniques to format pen drive, by this you can delete all the data. Generally, formatting is done if you are not willing to see your data or want to configure the storage device according to OS to read and write.

This article will help you to understand how to format pen drive by windows Powershell.

Step 1: Click on the start menu on Windows, search Windows Powershell.

Now choose Run as administrator.

Step 2:  Firstly you need to identify which drive you need to format. Write the below command and hit Enter.


Step 3:  To clean the drive write down the command and press enter.

Get-Disk 1 | Clear-Disk -RemoveData

Make sure you choose the correct drive option else you will clean the wrong drive which will lead to loss of important data as well.

Step 4: Now Type Y and hit enter to ensure that you want to clean that particular drive.

To initialize the disk default GUID Partition Table (GPT), write down the following command and hit Enter.

Type the following command to initialize the disk with the partition scheme and press Enter:

“Initialize-Disk -Number 1”(or the number of the drive you want to initialize)

Apart from the GPT scheme, one can choose the Master Boot Record (MBR) scheme also

By the following command “Initialize-Disk -Number 1 -PartitionStyle MBR”

format a flash drive or pen drive

Step 5:   Type “New-Partition -DiskNumber 1 -UseMaximumSize | Format-Volume -FileSystem NTFS -NewFileSystemLabel myDrive”

This command is used in creating a new partition by the help of the NTFS file system,

After writing the name for drive press enter.

Step 6: Assign a letter to the drive-by writing following command and at last press. enter

“Get-Partition -DiskNumber 1 | Set-Partition -NewDriveLetter G”

Hopefully, the different methods of format a flash drive or Pen Drive is clearly understood by you. Just make sure to follow each and every step carefully and then you are all set to use your storage person.

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