So here comes the good news for all PUBG lovers. With the ongoing Lockdown number of users are increasing day by day. And to add some more spice to your gaming experience, there will be an PUBG Mobile Season 13 update released on May 7, i.e. 0.18.0 update.

The tweet likewise prods the supposed update for Miramar with a candy machine that turns on for a brief second.

Aside from the new 0.18.0 update, we are additionally anticipating that the following season should show up sooner than later. As indicated by recently split data, the following season will be titled ‘Toy Playground.’ 

We as of late expounded on a lot of new highlights that are required to show up with the 0.18.0 update. 

What’s New in PUBG Mobile Season 13

  • WINCHESTER 94 with 2.7 Scope

pubg mobile season 13

 We’ve seen the holes previously, and the PC adaptation of PUBG has just got this element. The Winchester or the Win94 will get an inherent degree with the up and coming update.

This will be a 2.7x degree making the weapon more flexible permitting players to utilize it as a mid-run expert rifleman.  As we are discussing weapons, the Win94 is likewise getting redesigned with the update.

Win94 will presently have a changeless 2.7x appended to it, which implies you’ll no longer need to search for scopes. 

  • P90 SMG 

On the off chance that this new weapon is added to the game, it is unquestionably going to be the widely adored SMG (sub-assault rifle).

The P90 can take up to 50 projectiles in a solitary clasp and appears to offer a higher slug rate to murder foes quicker.

It takes 9mm ammunition however appears to have a constrained range. Concerning connections, this weapon will bolster gags, sights, and foregrips.  

  • Mad Miramar

pubg mobile season 13

The desert guide of Miramar will get some new increments and changes. First up there are different regions on the guide that will have relinquished pieces of a race track. You can take your vehicles for a turn through the remaining parts which incorporate a few inclines and pathways.

There are additionally some new regions on the guide, including another water town that could be called Oasis. At that point, there is another city and a Ruins zone on the guide for you to investigate too. 

New Miramar map had been reputed for a long while among the PUBG fans. The refreshed guide will be classified “Frantic Miramar”.

As indicated by reports, the new guide will have deserted pieces of a race track, another city; another remains zone and another water town. Distraught Miramar is additionally expected to have some overwhelming dust storms. 

The Mirado is perhaps the best vehicle on the guide, and if you are fortunate, you could drive a brilliant rendition with the new update.

The guide is additionally getting new candy machines that would administer consumables, including caffeinated beverages and painkillers. 

  • Wilderness Mode  

Another mode will be on the wilderness guide of Sanhok. as presently there are some restrictions in this mode for now, however, from what we can see, players will have the option to coast around utilizing tourist balloons.

One would need to keep up the warmth in the inflatable, and players will have the option to leap out using a parachute. 

  • Scramble Mode Security

One more extraordinary mode, this won’t be for the cowardly. The Safely Scramble mode will have a regular blue zone and a new blue-purple zone inside the protected way.

The portrayal says: A blue-purple round zone will show up in the white safe zone. Players will lose wellbeing while in the blue-purple region.

Another rule says: The blue-purple round zone is the protected zone in the following stage. Necessarily you would need to be speedy and keep a lot of drugs to get by through the game. 


This will be selective to Miramar once more and will most likely be accessible for a restricted period. The whole guide is secure with a dust storm with some restrictions.

To such an extent that it is hard to see competitors sitting in the following room. There will be uncommon plunder containers in these storms.

This unusual mode looks great and will require a ton of intensity, so this mode should work best on top of the line telephones. 

  • Some Minor Updates 

Little changes expected to show up with the new update that incorporates the choice of auto preparing degrees to your firearms.  With the capacity to duplicate your control format from FPP to TPP and the other way around. Ultimately, there are slight chances of an inclined mode feature, which will be an extra extension for your firearm. This inclined view will definitely gonna help you alot.

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Hopefully this blog has given you some basic idea about the upcoming changes. Comment below the changes you liked the most. Or what you were expecting more to be included PUBG Mobile Season 13.

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