This article will cover all windows 10 skins that give your screen a very attractive look.  Windows 10, which is not just a wonderful OS to operate in but it’s been popular for its new designs. This new operating system is highly secured hence making it one of the first choices after windows 10. Microsoft designer this time brought some cool features to make the OS more attractive, although the appearance is not the main concern for many of us. Still, to those who prefer some cool styling touch to what they work upon, Windows 10 has brought a wide range of windows 10 skins.

To all who still prefer Windows 7 and 8, these skin pack is the best option to choose, which not only transform every basic Microsoft interface elements like windows 10. A Realistic feel can be felt by this version of the new system with some bit of restrictions to some features unchanged.

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So now is the time to make your OS more aesthetic with these attractive skin packs featured by Microsoft to give their clients a pleasant experience. People who like to customize or likes experimenting will love these windows skin themes as it not only changes the old boring start menu option but has some new fashionable themes that can suit your personality.

Try Out the Best Windows 10 Skins

1. Oxford Theme

Oxford theme is basically designed for school students and college students keeping a minimalistic approach. It is a very simple window theme, where one can notice an all-white approach to the menus and screen. One of the best windows skin to use for your windows 10, consisting of a very unique package of icons.

2. Flattastic Theme

windows 10 skins

This is one of the versatile Windows 10 themes which include a total of 16 versions, with a minimalist appearance to stand out your workstation. You can choose any of darker 8 Flattastic darker theme or 8 Flattastic light theme.

3. Aero Glass Theme


windows 10 skins

Looking for some customizable theme, then aero glass theme is what you need for your computer. It is the coolest theme with a transparent outlook that possesses all features one is required and gives the experience of glass look at the borders. The Aero Glass theme is best as it consumes low power while utilizing fewer resources for a smooth running.

4. Ubuntu Theme

windows 10 skins

Are you a Geek ?? Then this theme is for you,  Experience Linux with versatility on windows without installing Linux. Many of us still prefer working on windows because of its simplicity and its support for many applications, but if you miss Linux UI, then without any doubt you will love this theme for your workstation With this you can easily customize mouse gestures, the theme for color and much more.

5. Simplify 10 Theme

windows 10 skins

 As the name says it all, it is the simplest theme among all windows 10 skins pack. To all who likes keeping things simple and classy then this theme is for you. The designer has designed this theme keeping the minimalist approach and chosen some sober colors. If you like using blue color more than you will definitely love this simplify theme as it is filled with blue.

6. Nvidia Theme

windows 10 skins

Are you a game lover? Then don’t be disappointed as the windows 10 skin pack has something for you too. You must be familiar with the NVIDIA control panel, all green neon background, which every gamer would love to have a similar kind of experience while working on a regular basis. By installing these you will experience the same neon Nvidia control panel features to your windows.

7. Anime Theme

windows 10 skins

I am pretty sure somewhere we all love anime movies and show. But why to miss it anymore, install the extensive anime theme to revive your childhood and make your desktop a cool place to work upon. It has some major attractive HD wallpapers which suit every anime lover.

8. Footpaths Theme

windows 10 skins

Want to give your windows 10 a bit of nature touch, then you can go for this theme. It has 11 HD wallpapers which include scenic and country lanes, some wooden stairs and pathways. 

9. Mac Sierra Theme

windows 10 skins

One of the best themes if you want to experience a Mac OS on your windows, then you can go for this. It is highly customizable and has a similar feature like Mac OS with some unique feature launchpad, video player and many more. 

The list doesn’t end here, windows have some more range of windows 10 skins pack from a lighter shade of darker theme. But now you must be aware of how cool these windows themes can be and what are some popular options available.

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